Quality Assurance & Control

Every product and therapy is only as good as its quality. And holding the highest quality standards is the key driver of success for any Life Sciences company. At EG Life Sciences, we assist our client companies in establishing and executing efficient and cost effective QA/QC programs to ensure products and therapies meet and exceed customer requirements.

Specification Development and Review

Establish and document product requirements and specifications.

Process Establishment, Implementation, and Improvement initiatives

Document and formal release of process parameters and procedures.

Inspection, Test and Operating Methods

Development of criteria to assess conformance of product and materials to specifications.

Management of Nonconforming Materials, Parts or Components

Disposition of product and components not fully meeting specifications.

QA/QC Records

Final review and approval of batch or lot records, in order to release a product to the market.

Control of Special Processes

Establishing methods and procedures for processes not able to be verified.

Control of Manufacturing, Inspection and Test Equipment

Establishment of calibration and preventive maintenance methods and schedules.

Quality Assurance