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Project Profile:

Functional Outsourcing for Statistical Programming

Nature and Scope of Challenge

A large research based pharmaceutical company was preparing for numerous clinical trials for the treatment of various health issues and needed to deploy a wide range of Statistical Programmers to handle the programming requirements for these projects. As a way to mitigate costs, they decided to outsource statistical programming resources.

Finding the right talent for each project was a top priority for the client, and identifying a strategic longterm partner with quality consultants was a critical requirement for sustained success. The client faced a series of unique and complex challenges for their upcoming clinical trials and hoped to establish a relationship that could deliver consistent and reliable results in the identification, hiring, training, and retention of new talent.

Problem Resolution

Our client selected EG Life Sciences as a strategic partner to handle these complex requirements for their clinical trials. Working with their programming group, we determined the staffing requirements and created an action plan to address their needs and deliver the desired results. Upon approval, we identified and matched the experience and skill sets of 8 qualified resources to specific projects and initially worked on-site, under their day-to-day direction. As the number of projects continued to grow, the quality of service from our team exceeded our client’s expectations.

As the levels of work and number of new staff members continued to increase, we evolved into a Functional Outsourcing model to further improve productivity and quality, and reduce operating costs. We seamlessly transitioned to an off-site model, managing day-to-day operational management responsibilities, which allowed the client more time to focus on other areas of core competencies.

Today, EG Life Sciences continues to provide our client with the Statistical Programming resources they require through our Functional Outsourcing model. Currently, our staff for this project consists of over 200 consultants. Due to our superior levels of management and training, the turnover rate is substantially low, allowing us to deliver consistent, reliable results without disruption to their teams.

Key Deliverables


  • Produced high quality statistical programming output and deliverables
  • Developed and managed subject matter experts that deliver consistent, reliable results
  • Produced metrics and measures to monitor performance ensuring we deliver on all levels


  • Transitioned day-to-day operational management from our client to EG Life Sciences
  • Developed and implemented EG Life Sciences’s Functional Outsourcing model supporting our client’s sourcing strategy
  • Established a long-term strategic partnership with our client to effectively manage SAS Programming resources

Infrastructure and Support

  • Transitioned staff from internal equipment and systems to EG Life Sciences equipment and systems off-site
  • Secured new regional office space to house the staff, located within close proximity of client sites
  • Provided key roles and support from an executive and management level
  • Integrated new roles including Technical Project Managers and Functional Outsourcing Training Manager


  • Provided a competitive cost savings based on the clients’ sourcing strategy and initiatives

Key Client Benefits

  • Functional Outsourcing model improved our client’s clinical trial productivity, SAS Programming quality and efficiency, and helped reduce staffing costs
  • Realignment of teams and resources allowed EG Life Sciences to be consistent with our client’s project requirements while maintaining flexibility and scalability to ensure optimal project delivery
  • Strategic partnership and interaction with management team at EG Life Sciences allowed our client to streamline communication to ensure projects were deployed, delegated, and managed effectively
  • Superior management of resources resulted in low turn-over rate enabling EG Life Sciences and our client to maintain the subject matter experts needed to deliver consistent, reliable results
  • EG Life Sciences eliminated our client’s need to hire and train new staff members allowing internal resources to be used for other mission-critical initiatives
  • Through EG Life Sciences’s proven track record of superior service, our client has the peace of mind knowing that projects will completed on time, at the highest quality, and within budget

Summary of Client’s Needs


Develop subject matter experts, project management, and team leads to ensure high-quality work and a consistent and reliable program


Identify a strategic, long-term partner to support the company’s sourcing strategy

Resource Depth

Deliver a wide range of talent to handle the complex programming requirements for multiple clinical trials


Provide cost-effective staffing solutions for programming resources to handle current and future clinical trial projects

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